Frankie-Beans Angels

These are the animals in our rescue program that have become a sanctuary pet  and who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  We also have community members who reached out for support from Mojo’s Hope about their loving family member.  As a responsible rescue we have to make decisions about placement and if there are medical concerns or other factors, we feel it is our responsibility to provide lifetime care for them. As a part of Frankie-beans Angels, we offer support to the community in regards to end of life for their loving family members. A decision that is never made in haste, always thoughtful and what is in the best interest of the animals quality of life.

Beanie-Baby RIP 7/1/15

There is just no easy way to share this, but today we had to say goodbye to dear sweet Beanie-Baby. Sweet baby boy deteriorated further and we brought him back in to our amazing vet team at College Village Animal Clinic. He was having major diarrhea and his body temp dropped more. We did an ultra sound on his belly and found what we suspected, a lot of fluid. Unfortunately this fluid may be the result of FIP (Feline Intestinal Peritonitis), which there is no real test for, just devastating symptoms for our purrecious felines. Beanie-Baby tried so hard to stay strong, he played, he snuggled, he was LOVED by so many and we have to be grateful that he did not die outside alone and in pain. Our hearts are overwhelmed with grief, as this month has been so trying. We appreciate everyone’s kindness and support of this darling kitty boy. He was a true little gift and he will be cherished PURRever. <3 Please say a little PURRayer for precious Beanie-Baby and may he be welcomed over the Rainbow Bridge with open loving arms. <3 RIP sweet Angel.

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Peter RIP Fur Angel

Peter (1 of 1)-32

Peter is a gorgeous grey kitty who came to Animal Care and Control in a trap. He had the mats shaved from his fur (due to being outdoors), thanks to the kind staff at AACCC. His coat is growing in soft and beautifully. Peter came into rescue with Mojo’s Hope after getting a URI. He has fully recovered from his kitty cold. Peter is gentle, quiet and calm. He enjoys being brushed and petted and will give kitty kisses in return. Peter enjoys lap time and will even do a little dance of joy! Peter has become very ill and is being monitored closely by our foster home and our vet team. We will continue to provide care for Peter as we determine what is going on with him. Peter passed away on and is furever in our hearts.  He will always be a part of our Mojo’s Hope family.

Wookie RIP Fur Angel

WookieMH (1 of 1)-2

WOOKIE’s in the house! Yes, this darling senior boy has come into foster with Mojo’s Hope. He was a stray that was out at Houston, Alaska – Animal Shelter since January. WOOKIE came to us so that we could take care of his medical needs (including his neuter). WOOKIE is at least 10+, deaf and may be partially blind. But as you can see he is a very HAPPY fellow. WOOKIE always has his tail a-wagging and loves everyone he meets. His blood-work came back with good news and overall he is in good health! We were told by Houston that he has interacted with other dogs and did well. We will be introducing him to other pups soon. We want to thank Chief Hood for transporting him to our vet clinic, CVAC earlier in the week and to Christian for reaching out to us to see what we could do to assist. We want to give a big High Paw Pat to the amazing team at College Village Animal Clinic for taking excellent care of WOOKIE. Dr. Capitan worked her magic and helped this older gent to get neutered, Ryan and Richie helped to give him a nice bath and the other wonderful staff members, Cherell, Bee, Jess, Kayleigh, Jessica, Linda, Amber and Rebecca made his stay one filled with love! He is doing wonderfully in his foster home.  Wookie is on arthritis and incontinence medicine which has been helping him tremendously.  He loves the company of other dogs and cats! What a gem. Wookie passed away on June 21, 2015.  He may have had a stroke or other neurological trauma that caused him to become very sick quickly. We helped Wookie pass over to the Rainbow Bridge with lots of love. He was a blessing and we were grateful for the time we had with him.