Interested in ADOPTING or FOSTERING?
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Mojo’s Hope always wants to ensure that our rescues choose the most wonderful home possible. To help our adopters match up with the PURRfect cat, we are asking something unique for our adoption fee. First, we ask to please fill out our adoption application. Our adoption fee for cats is generally $100.00. Instead of paying this adoption fee, we are asking our adoptive family’s to use that money towards preparing for the arrival of their newest addition.

Here is a list of suggested supplies to get your home ready.:

•Food/Water Dishes •

Uncovered Litter Box/Litter

• Scratching Posts/Cat Trees

• Feliway (cat pheromone that assists with stress and behaviors)

• Cat Beds/Hidey Spot/Cube/Kennel (foster home will provide at least one piece of bedding or a bed from the foster home to assist with the transition, having their own smell alleviates stress)

• Cat Trees/Perches

• Music (Through a Cat’s Ear is highly recommended,

• Enrichment Toys

• Cat DVDs • Collar/harness/ID tag

• Carrier

Mojo’s Hope provides a care package for each of our rescues when they go to their adoptive home. This care package includes food, bedding, toys, enrichment activities, treats and a transition packet. The transition packet provides the adopter with a look into the daily life of our rescue and helps the cat and the family support each other during this process.



DYLAN 16 Years Young

Cattle Dog/Chow Chow

Fancy-Free and Adorable!

Due to Dylan’s age and lack of interest in her for adoption, we made the decision to keep her in our PURRever foster program until it is her time. She is very loved, cared for and has a sweet life in her foster home. We are grateful for the love and care she has received and will continue to receive in her loving foster home.