Mojo’s Hope exists to provide a safe, healthy and compassionate environment along with humane and quality care-taking for companion animals with special needs.

The “Special Needs” designation covers many areas, including but not limited to behavioral, emotional, physical and medical. We recognize that when animals come into rescue, they may have special needs and each need is individualized. It is our goal to assist with their rehabilitation, so that those who are able to,  can go to their furever homes to live out their lives happily and successfully. For those who are have lifetime medical needs or are at the end of life stage, we will provide the necessary care to make their lives comfortable, filled with love and peaceful.

Mojo’s Hope’s goals are to provide Education, PAWspice, Spay/Neuter, PURRever Fosters, Fostering, Vaccination/Medical, Training & Support, Outreach & Awareness and Adoption Services in the Anchorage, Alaska community.

 Contact us at mojoshope@gmail.com or 907-230-6394

Frankie-Beans Wishing Well! 

Our very creative and thoughtful President/Chair, Wendi Partusch made this amazingly beautiful Wishing Well in honor of Frankie-beans to help promote our mission in our community. Frankie-beans angels is our effort to help support our community and the beloved rescues that come into our program.  Is this not the most beautiful sight! We are so proud of her fundraising efforts!

Mojo in his buggy

Mojo in his donated wheelchair. The cart comes from handicappedpets.com via a generous family!


Mojo’s Hope is a foster based rescue in Anchorage, Alaska. We do not have a facility and we are always looking for qualified foster homes.




Pet Loss and Bereavement Support

In honor of all the animals we have cared for and in our community we are adding a PAWspice and Support component to our rescue program. Over the years we have taken in animals that were very sick and senior ones that were facing daily suffering. When it was their time or it was assessed there was suffering, we ourselves were faced with the challenging decision to let them go. During that time we provided a safe and loving “home” for each of these precious animals. They knew how much they were loved, treasured and had that around them as they crossed over The Rainbow Bridge. We know that death can be such an uncomfortable topic for many of us. We think it’s important to share it, while providing these precious animals with the best care we can along with honoring them. In addition to providing this for our rescues we will also be offering the community seminars and support for their own personal pets. We know how challenging that “decision” is, we know how we ache with every choice we make and we also know too well the grief that follows. We want to be able to support the families of our community through these difficult times. We hope that this will impart upon our beautiful community a sense of support and love as well as offer comfort, knowing our beautiful fur angels that have departed are in a better place. 👼

Pet Loss and Bereavement Counseling Services

As a Certified Pet Loss & Bereavement Counselor,  Mojo’s Hope & Alaska’s KAAATs can now offer counseling support to our PAWspice Community Program. We want to be able to offer this emotional support for people going through this very difficult process.

Death can be such an uncomfortable topic for many people. We think it’s important to see it, this last stage, and demystify it, make it less scary and sad while honoring the ones we love. Our own experiences with the loss of our beloved pets have helped to shape our understanding and provide us with the opportunity to help others.

As an animal advocacy organization & rescue group for animals with special needs, we want to be able to offer support for people who go through this difficult process, before, during and afterward. We are offering this support in whatever capacity needed. Maybe you need a ride, maybe you need to talk through the process or maybe you may need someone to hold your hand as you say your final goodbye. We will help to guide you through these steps by offering compassionate, empathetic and individualized support.

Foster Homes Needed!

Mojo’s Hope is a foster based rescue located in Anchorage, Alaska. In order for us to be able to rescue we must be able to provide quality care consistently in a foster home. We have one foster home at this time. We appreciate the families that have offered a temporary space for our rescues. When you foster you provide all the TLC and we provide the rest.

Can’t adopt right now, how about a foster to brighten up your lives! Interested in learning more, please contact us at mojoshope@gmail.com

Donations can be made by clicking here. Our EIN is: 30-0764346

Our Mailing Address is:

Mojo’s Hope

2440 E Tudor Rd PMB 896

Anchorage, AK 99507

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 Thank you for your support of animals in need!

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Volunteers Needed!

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We are looking for dog walkers, play-yard companions and cat cuddlers. Volunteers must be 18 years old or be accompanied by an adult. Interested in becoming a volunteer, please read our guidelines and complete our profile form.

Then you can send the form to us at mojoshope@gmail.com

Thank you!